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What Can You Expect?

Below is a summary of the egg donation process so that you can see if you would be interested in becoming an egg donor.

Steps of Application Process

  • You fill out a detailed heath history form including questions about your health, family history, interests, childhood, desires and goals. Send this form to us and we will schedule a personal interview to review the procedures and for you to ask any questions.

  • In addition to this completed form, we will ask you to bring signed consent forms and to send or bring us some current and childhood photos of yourself, photos of your parents when they were closer to your current age, and a copy of your driver's license.

  • After successfully completing the interview, your profile is placed on our password-protected web site with first name only.
Intended parent(s) will view your profile as they look for a match. You are matched when you mutually agree that you would like to work together.

  • We may run a basic background check on you.

  • You will meet with a therapist for a face to face interview and to take a personality test. This meeting is to help you to understand what you are agreeing to and what that means.

  • A genetic counselor will call you to complete a genetic consultation over the phone. You will receive a copy of this report.

  • Once you pass psychological & genetic screening, we will send you a legally binding contract for your and the intended parents’ signature & returnOne important provision of this contract is that the intended parents shall have all rights to the eggs and embryos produced. The contract also explains the payment schedule for your service rendered.

  • Next you have an appointment with the infertility physician for a medical screening, which includes a consultation, pelvic exam and blood tests. Each physician follows a unique protocol.

  • After passing the medical screening, the fertility clinic will send you a calendar of the donation cycle. You will take birth control pills to synchronize cycles with the intended mother. You will receive a $300 advance on your service fee when you begin to give yourself a series of subcutaneous (just below the surface of the skin) injections with a small needle for a period of about 10 days. You can give yourself the injection (or can have friend help.)

  • The fertility clinic nurse will teach you how to give yourself and explain the effects of the medicines that you will be taking according to a detailed calendar.

  • The fertility clinic physician will monitor you to watch how you stimulate and to look for any excessive swelling of the ovaries (ovarian hyperstimulation). A small number (1-2 %) of egg donors experience "hyperstimulation."

  • Typically you will have a total of 5-7 appointments at the clinic for ultra sounds and assessments of the progress of your cycle. Most appointments are in the morning but can be at any time during the day. This monitoring is done with a vaginal ultrasound and a blood test and these appointments are at San Francisco Bay area fertility clinics.

  • The fertility physician completes the egg retrieval procedure at the clinic. It takes about 15 minutes. You will be given a light anesthetic intravenously and the eggs are retrieved with a needle attached to a small tube. The probe pokes through the vaginal wall and the fluid containing eggs passes down to a Petri Dish for fertilization with intended father’s sperm. You rest one to two hours are in the recovery room. A friend or family member must go with you for this procedure and stay with you for the day. Most women are ready to return to work or school the next day. As with all medical procedures, you might experience some adverse effects such as significant abdominal swelling.
After reviewing the above, please contact me (415-485-1969 or info@jackiegortonnurseattorney.com) to complete the initial phone screening. We hope that you will join our egg donor pool and give the gift of life!

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