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Jackie Gorton, Nurse Attorney is one of the leading egg donation and surrogate parenting agencies in the US. We are experienced in dealing with the financial, emotional, legal and confidentiality issues surrounding these unique procedures. Our friendly and nurturing staff will support surrogate mothers, egg donors and recipients throughout the entire egg donation and/or surrogate parenting process—from your initial inquiry until the delivery of your baby. We invite you to preview our donor database above and we look forward to working with you!

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” (Jackie Gorton’s) is an application process unlike any other. Candidates must meet height and weight restrictions. Ideally, they must have some schooling beyond high school. Those callers who make it through the telephone interview are sent a 16- page application requesting information on everything from their paternal grandfather’s eye color to whether their aunts or uncles ever suffered a heart attack or stroke. Ms Gorton’s agency encourages meetings between donors and recipients, but many such agencies do not.” —- New York Times Magazine

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Jackie Gorton, Nurse Attorney and her staff are not medical providers and therefore recommend discussing all potential risks and side effects with the IVF physician in charge of your retrieval. We provide educational information and this should not replace any information received from the IVF physician. It is very important to ask any and all questions of the medical provider.