What Can You Expect


Egg donation is procedure in which eggs are removed from a young woman’s ovaries and are fertilized in a petri dish with the Intended Father’s sperm. The embryos are subsequently transferred into the Intended Mother’s uterus. This procedure is name In-Vitro Fertilization (IVF) and is fertility choice for women who cannot produce eggs for conception but can become pregnant or will use a Surrogate Carrier.

Steps of Application Process

  • You fill out a heath history form including questions about your health, family health history, interests, childhood, desires and goals. Once we receive this form, we will schedule an interview to review the procedures and answer your questions.
  • Please send signed consent forms, a few current and childhood photos of yourself, of your parents, and a copy of your driver’s license.
  • Your profile is placed on our password-protected web site with first name only. You are matched when you and the Intended Parents mutually agree to work together.


  • We may run a basic background check on you.
  • You complete a psychological evaluation that includes a personality test.
  • A genetic counselor will call you to complete a genetic consultation/report of your family health history.
  • We send you a legally binding contract for your and the Intended Parents’ signatures & return.
  • Appointment with the IVF physician for a medical screening, which includes a consultation, pelvic exam and blood tests.
  • The IVF clinic sends you a calendar of the donation cycle.
  • The IVF physician monitors your stimulation by vaginal ultra sounds.

Retrieval – you are given a light anesthetic intravenously. A needle with a thin tube attached pokes through the vaginal wall and into the ovarian follicles, the eggs flow down to petri dish where they are fertilized by sperm. The entire procedure takes about 45 minutes and most women can return to normal activities after 1 – 2 days of taking it easy.


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After reviewing the information on this page, please contact me (415-485-1969 or info@jackiegortonnurseattorney.com) to complete the initial phone screening. We hope that you will join our egg donor pool and give the gift of life!