Recipient Fees and Expenses

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  • $8,000 first time donor’s service fee
  • $8,500 – $10,000+ repeat donor’s service fee
  • $4,800 administrative fee for local arrangement
  • $5,300 administrative fee for cycle coordination with long distance donor and/or recipient
  • $400 donor & recipient medical insurance coverage for each cycle
  • $500 psychological evaluation includes personality testing
  • $100 per person for background check – optional

If your donor candidate does not pass the psychological evaluation and/or background check, we will reimburse you the cost of that failed screening provided you select your next donor from our donor pool.

Option of Meeting with Your Donor

Upon your request, we will arrange a face to face, semi anonymous meeting with your donor candidate at our San Rafael office.  There is no administrative fee for this meeting but the donor is paid for her time in the meeting and for her travel expenses. Or, you can communicate with your donor candidate via skype, e-mail by a onetime phone call.  We will email you an outline of topics/questions to discuss, such as her personality as a child, favorite HS subjects and activities.


If you do not find a donor match from the donors in our database, we will gladly arrange advertising for those unique characteristics that you are seeking. You only pay for the cost of the advertising; there is no administrative fee charged.  Every effort is made to assist you in finding the best possible donor match.