Recipient Parents FAQs

How do I chose an egg donor?

Most recipients look for donors who have similar physical features to one of the partners, as well as a similar educational background and a healthy family history. Some recipients, look for donors with proven fertility, and others choose the donor that “just clicks.”  It is truly up to you and we are here to assist you to find that perfect match.

What if I don't find "the one"?

We will place specific ads with your unique donor requirements on Craig’s List, or in local college papers. To help you find that perfect match, we will give you sample ads, assist you in writing your specific ad, and we will e-mail profiles to you at no additional cost.

Will I meet my prospective donor?

That is your own personal choice. You may want to meet prospective donors so as to experience the donor’s personality, to learn more details about the donor’s family history, and to impress upon her how much you value their commitment to the donation process.

All meetings are facilitated in our office with the guidance of a staff member. As a guide for this meeting, we email you and the donor a list of questions about family backgrounds, reasons for egg donation, etc. You and the donor may ask any relevant questions of each other. There is no administrative charge for this meeting but the donor is paid for her time and travel for this meeting.

Must I have chosen a fertility doctor prior to choosing an egg donor?

Yes, you must have completed your initial work up with your selected IVF clinic prior to meeting with prospective donors.

What information about me/us will the selected donor get?

We give the donor a limited amount of information about recipients. We tell the donor, the name/location of your IVF physician and IVF clinic. With your permission, we tell the donor your first name and city of residence, age range, the general type of work you do.  If you meet your donor, it is up to you to share only the information about yourself that you feel comfortable providing.

Does your agency fee include the cost of drafting an Egg Donation Service Contract?

Yes, we provide you with a contract that is in compliance with current laws and is specific to the donation history of your donor. We provide sample contracts and answer questions regarding enforceability of terms and provisions but we cannot represent you in reviewing the contract. We refer any donor or recipient that requests independent representation to an attorney with expertise in Fertility Law.

When do We have to pay administrative fees and donor costs?

You will pay a thousand dollar ($1,000) advance on the administrative fee when you sign the contract with the agency to reserve their donor and to initiate the arrangement with the fertility clinic. The balance of the administrative fee (minus the $1,000 paid) is due after the donor passes her psychological evaluation before  contracts are drafted. In addition to the administrative fee, all of the donor’s costs must be paid and the parties must be in contract before the donor’s first appointment with the fertility clinic.

If the donor does not pass the medical screen, we will refund all of the donor’s fees and the balance of the administrative fee will be applied toward the next cycle with another suitable replacement donor.

What is the philosophy of your agency?

Our philosophy is to be responsive and responsible in helping you find the best donor match possible. We realize what an emotional process dealing with infertility is and our goal is to support you through the entire egg donation process so that it can be one of the most incredible experiences of your life.

If we want to work with you, what do we do next?

Log in to take a look at our donor database which contains self-reported health histories, transcripts, stats of previous cycles, if applicable, and a photo collage of all donors in our database.


Disclaimer – Please Read Jackie Gorton, Nurse Attorney and her staff are not medical providers and therefore recommend discussing all potential risks and side effects with the IVF physician in charge of your retrieval. We provide educational information and this should not replace any information received from the IVF physician. It is very important to ask any and all questions of the medical provider.