What to expect as a Recipient Parent

Summary of Egg Donor Process:

  • After initial contact via phone or email, we will create an account for you to access our donor database.
  •  If you see donors you like, we will provide you with their full profile so you can review their health histories and photos of their families. If you seek additional information about certain donors, we will contact  the donors and inform you of their responses. You can view profiles and photos on our online database.
  • Once you select a donor you would like, we will collect an initial administrative advance to pay for the initial coordination.
  • Meeting with a donor can be scheduled to share background information and answer additional questions (this step is completely optional).
  • If your donor is a first-time donor, we will refer her to a therapist for a psychological evaluation. If she is a repeat donor, her psychological evaluation and medical records are sent to your clinic for physician review.
  • After the donor completes the psychological evaluation, you will send us the balance of the administrative fee so that the contracts can be drafted and sent to the recipient(s) and donor. Both recipients and donors are welcome to have the contract reviewed by a separate attorney. The contract must be signed by both parties and the recipient must pay all remaining fees prior to the donor’s Medical Screening Appointment (MSA).
  • Once the donor’s health history, signed contracts, proof of insurance, and psychological evaluation are on file at your clinic, the clinic nurse will schedule an appointment with your donor for an initial (MSA) which includes infectious disease testing, genetic screening, and cultures.
  • When the blood testing results are available, the clinic will draft and distribute the cycle calendar to the donor and to recipient(s) and egg donation cycle begins.

A Step by Step Guide to Working with our Agency

STEP 1 – Donor Selection
You select a donor whom you feel is the “right fit” for you. We are always here to assist you in your donor selection and to send the donor’s medical records to your IVF physician for review and approval.

STEP 4 – Donor Agrees to Cycle / Donor Meeting
We contact the prospective donor you have chosen to verify her availability and give her information on your clinic, etc. If you are interested in meeting your prospective donor we will make all necessary arrangements to facilitate the meeting in our office.

STEP 5 – Donor Match and Initial Co-ordination
Once you and your donor have decided to work together, a deposit ($1,000) on the administrative fee is paid to for the initial coordination. Donor profiles are sent to the therapist and your fertility clinic and the donor is referred to a therapist to schedule her psychological evaluation.

STEP 6 – Donor Cycle Contract
After the clinic receives the donor’s psychological evaluation and profile we collect the balance of the administrative before sending out a legally binding Donor Service Contract, which addresses mutual rights and responsibilities including a schedule of payment of fees, a statement that the donor has no legal right to the eggs or the child, and hold harmless clauses, etc. Your donor fees are due with your contract. All fees with the signed contract must be received before the date of the donor’s medical screening appointment.

STEP 7 – Escrow Account
Upon receipt of signed contracts collated copies of the Egg Donation Contract  are emailed to you and your donor. The donor fee and money for expenses is held in a trust account. We pay the donor her fee after the retrieval and reimburse her for her expenses once we approve her costs as delineated on her expense report.

STEP 8 – Donor Medical Screening Appointment (MSA)
At the MSA, the fertility physician reviews the donor’s health history profile, completes infectious disease testing, toxicology screens, cervical cultures, a vaginal ultrasound, and a physical exam, etc. Once the blood and other test results are in and approved, the fertility physician medically clears the donor as a viable candidate to proceed with the cycle.

STEP 9 – Cycle Calendar
Your fertility clinic nurse will provide the donor and recipient calendar which identifies dates for start of injections and estimated week of retrieval and transfer. It usually takes 2 to 3 months from the date that recipient and donor decide to work together until retrieval. The donor is usually on follicle stimulating hormones for 10 days. The sends us a copy of the cycle calendar so we can track all appointments with the fertility clinic and assist as needed.

STEP 10 – Retrieval and Final Accounting
We send the donor her service fee within a few days of her retrieval. The donor has ten business days to return her expense report and related receipts. We will reimburse the donor for her expenses from the escrow account and send you a refund (if any). We send your signed consent form to your IVF clinic to obtain a record of the number of eggs retrieved, the number of embryos that were chromosomally screened, transferred and frozen, and most of all if there was a pregnancy. Usually there are enough embryos for a future transfer, if you want more babies!